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Our Expertise

The team at 1VINE have over 20 years of expertise in 8 different design disciplines. Click on each of the buttons below to find out more about each discipline.

Branding and Identity

Your company's identity should be unique, just like your fingerprint. When people look at you and your products, they should immediately recognise your company.

That's what good branding does. Good branding provides your company with a branding strategy, a marketing strategy, a logo, a style guide and a busines strategy.

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Next Up: Corporate Design

Corporate Design

What we refer to as "Corporate Design" is everything you require in a corporate setting. That means business cards, letterheads, reports, documents and even calendars.

If it is something that you need in the office, in your store, to give to clients, to customers or to staff members we can design it and hire the right people to produce it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Next Up: Display Design

Display Design

Do you have something that you'd like to show off? You're probably considering Display Design. These could be posters, banners or advertisements.

Whether it's digital or in print, we design all sorts of displays to show-off your company, your products and your services.

Talk to our team to find out more.

Next Up: Art and Illustration

Art and Illustration

Have you noticed how often certain businesses and organisations make use of a mascot in their advertising? It can be a dog, a meerkat or a koala. Think about sports teams and their mascots. These characters and mascots fall under art and illustration.

Although all sectors of Graphic Design are, in essence, art and our team often turns back to sketching before producing ideas, however, character and mascot design really deserved its own field as it is almost predominantly dependent on pencil-type sketching (even though we do it with a stylus and a graphics tablet).

So, are you looking for a team mascot?

Next Up: Print Design

Print Design

Print Design is usually what most people think about when we mention Graphic Design to them. Restaurant Menus, brochures, booklets, book covers, flyers and any other readable material that needs to be printed.

Not all designs are created equal. It's important for a graphic designer to know what medium their designs will end up on, whether they will be viewed digitally or printed.

What's your next project?

Next Up: Clothes and Uniform

Clothes and Uniform

The last section discussed how important it is for a designer to know what medium their design will end up on. That couldn't be more true when it comes to clothing and apparel.

This doesn't only mean printing a logo on the front of a polo shirt but designing a completely unique uniform too. Every team has a uniform. Does your team look united?

Next Up: Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media

The topic of discussion behind almost every business meeting: what's best for marketing and how best can we use social media? These can be confusing and overwhelming to many businesses, let alone small start-up businesses. We're here to help.

Think of quality, proven marketing advice without the confusing jargon and overwhelming technical terms. We say it like it is because we know what it's like to be bullied into buying something we don't completely get; and, we don't really like it.

Let us know what you're after and we'll get you there!

Next Up: Web and Development

Did you know that we provide affordable, customised webhosting for your website?

Ask us about our prices!

What is Webhosting?

Web and Development

What's the "and" there for? Although it may sound strange at first, when we say "Web and Development", we mean two separate fields: Web Design and Development
(That is both Web Development and Software Development).

The difference between Web Design and Web Development is the same difference between Car Design and Manufacture, or Architecture and Engineering. One focuses on the aesthetics while bearing in mind the functionality, interaction and practicality of the product while the other focuses on implementing all of that into a workable, usable, tangible product.

Are you looking for a new website? Maybe you're wanting a make-over for the one you currently have. Get in touch!

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