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Who we are

We are a team of creatives!

1VINE Design, or 1VINE for short, was established in 2018 to provide Digital and Print Design and Development services for Australian Small Businesses. All our work is done locally and, with our respect for all creative designers around the world,
we do NOT outsource any of our work.

We also do NOT use templates! Even though it would be much easier and cheaper for us to use standard templates for all of our work, it is our policy and belief that since every business, every customer and every client is unique, they then deserve a unique product, specialised service and solutions tailor-made just for them.

With almost two decades of graphic design experience and over two decades of software and web development experience, we believe we have what it takes to provide each business with the best design solutions to suit their every need.

Even though we are based in Brisbane, we have had the pleasure of working with great businesses all over Australia and we look forward to working with many more.

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Meet the team

Richard is our team's creative director and founder

Richard Haddad

Creative Director

Richard loves design. He enjoys solving problems by way of art and programming. If he's not working on client work, you'll catch him listening to music while cooking up a new project. Speaking of music, he listens to the lyrics. Yeah, he's that guy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic Designers, also sometimes referred to as Visual Communication Designers, communicate ideas and voice messages with the use of visual aid. We take your message and speak it louder by way of art.

A Web Developer is a computer programmer who builds websites. We use the term "building" when it comes to websites because it really is a construction of many different building blocks in order to bring about a professional, functioning, user-friendly website.

Generally, it's difficult. The only reason that our Creative Director is confident in doing both is because he has been working in both for over 20 years. Richard Haddad has built websites, written software and designed games for all sorts of uses over the years. He has studied over 14 programming languages and is continually growing his knowledge and expertise in that area.

No, as a Design Agency, we only provide the design work although we work closely with professional printing companies and are able to provide our customers with great quality printing at low prices. If you are in need of printing services and need your files prepared to be print-ready, let us know. We'll help you out.

Yes, we do and at ridiculously low prices.

Find out more.

Because we offer guaranteed low pricing and free installation or transfer from your previous registrar. Constant Pricing is our promise: as long as it depends on us, we offer the same pricing the first year and every other year.

When you purchase a domain with other registrars, you may get offered discounts but that usually runs out after the first year. For the second year, and every other year after that, you are forced to pay the full, much more expensive, price.

Being a Domain reseller, we are able to control our pricing. Check out our prices.

Yes, we do. We offer unique packages to suit every business.

Ask us about our Webhosting Packages!

We sure do.

If you know which certificate you're after, go ahead and purchase one from here!

Otherwise, please feel free to get in touch to find out which is the most suitable SSL Certificate for you.

If you imagine that your website is like a house. A house needs a lot on which to be built and an address so that people can find your lot where your home is.

In terms of your website, the Webhosting is like the lot of land where your website sits and your Domain Name (like example.com.au) is the address that people can browse to in order to find your website. As for your SSL Certificate, think of it like your alarm system. It is one deterrent against hackers and scammers.

Check out our Domain Name and SSL Certificate pricing or
Ask Us about our Webhosting Packages!

Absolutely! The different categories on our Scope page are just there for your reference and information.

Let us know what your project is and we'll take care of it for you.

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Our Clients

Our Client Astara Beauty's Logo
Our Client Beauty Retreat's Logo
Our Client Bohemian Creation's Logo
Our Client Bonnibuns' Logo
Our Client Brighter Day's Logo
Our Client Cadeaurable's Logo
Our Client Eco Gem's Logo
Our Client Family Covenant Church's Logo
Our Client Gold Standard Therapy's Logo
Our Client Intercorp Developments' Logo
Our Client Platinum Hemp's Logo
Our Client Smarter By Design's Logo
Our Client Sovereign Trades' Logo
Our Client Willis Electrical QLD's Logo
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